Swetha Varma Weekly Earnings in Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Check Her Stunning Pictures

13 Sep, 2021 17:47 IST|Sakshi Post

Only a few Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 contestants are familiar to the audience. Most of them are new faces for the show buffs. One of them is Swetha Varma. But, she has acted in a couple films like The Rose Villa, Mugguru Monagalu, Pachis, Cycle among films. She has also worked in a few of hits series on Youtube. 

Now, Swetha Varma is going great guns in Bigg Boss house. She is dominating other contestants with her brave talk and attitude.

A section of the audience are asking on social media how much Swetha Varma is getting paid to stay in the house. 

As per the buzz on social media, Swetha Varma is said to be charging somewhere around Rs 50 to 80k per week. The figures have not been officially confirmed by the makers though.

Swetha Varma may not be getting a fancy remuneration, but it appears she's worth every penny that Star Maa is spending on her. 

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A post shared by Swetaa varma (@iamswetaavarma)

A post shared by Swetaa varma (@iamswetaavarma)

A post shared by Swetaa varma (@iamswetaavarma)

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