Rahul Vaidya's Re-Entry Confirms Salman's Plan For BB14 Winner

13 Dec, 2020 12:01 IST|Sakshi Post

Rahul Vaidya Back In Bigg Boss House, Faces Salman Khan’s Wrath

Rahul Vaidya who is popular among fans had earlier quit the show and left Bigg Boss house. Fans were left shocked upon seeing Rahul leave. Fans have been trending his name on twitter and miss seeing their favorite contestant in the show.

In the recently released promo for Sunday night’s episode, we see Rahul Vaidya returning to the Bigg Boss house. Rahul’s comeback will be on the weekend ka vaar episode. In the promo, we can see Host Salman Khan getting angry over Rahul’s earlier decision of leaving the show midway.

Salman asked Rahul, if his fans who relentlessly voted for him in order to keep him safe; can they trust him now? Rahul said he left the house because he loves his parents; to which Salman said, you believe other contestants in the house do not love their families?

Salman went on to say that now Rahul has been proven to be mentally weak. He ran away from the show.

The viewers have to wait for Sunday night's episode to see what happens next. How will other contestants react to Rahul’s return? If all this leads to Rahul Vaidya becoming Bigg Boss 14 winner, will it still be justified? There are rumors that this Bigg Boss season can be won by Rahul Vaidya. 

Rahul has been a strong contender since the beginning. His return almost confirms the BB14 winner. 


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