Nobody Knew About Aravind KP Before Bigg Boss, Fans Should Thank Colors Kannada: Parameshwar Gundakal

15 Aug, 2021 13:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has gained a lot of attention and love from the viewers. The winner of season 8 was unexpected as everyone expected that Aravind KP would be the winner of season 8, but Manju Pavagada won over him by 2 lakh votes. As Manju Pavagada won the trophy, Aravind KP fans trolled Colors Kannada channel business head Parameshwar Gundakal for an unfair game. Though the season came to an end, the talks and rumours have not stopped. 

Finally, Parameshwar Gundakal broke his silence on the rumours that Colors Kannada played an unfair game and made Manju Pavagada the winner. In a recent interview, Parameshwar said that the winner was decided based on votes. The Colors Kannada channel did not play any unfair games. He made it clear that Manju P had won over Aravind KP by 2 lakh votes. And has Aravind KP fans are trolling him, he says that the audience got to know Aravind KP from the Bigg Boss show. He said fans should thank Colors Kannada for that. Adding to that, Parameshwar said that he is not doing the show for the fans. 

Parameshwar says that because of Colors Kannada, Divya U and Aravind KP were bought together. He says no one views Aravind KP before he came to the Bigg Boss show. The Bigg Boss show helped him to get a good fame and popularity on screen. 

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