Netizens Troll VJ Sunny: Deets Inside

23 Oct, 2021 10:57 IST|Sakshi Post

It's been seven weeks Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 went on air, if you compare the current season with the previous seasons, we feel Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is the most boring season ever in the history of the show. 

Even Viewers feel that the contestants are not taking the game seriously, they are playing a safe game to stay in the house. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant VJ Sunny is one of the most talked about contestants on social media in recent times.

Actually, he is the new captain of this week. Sunny fans are delighted as he became the captain of this week. The buzz on social media suggests that Anee Master helped Sunny in the captaincy task which helped him become captain of the house.  

Sunny became Captain with the help of Anee Master. After the task, he went to kiss her. This hasn't gone down well with Bigg Boss viewers. They are slamming VJ Sunny for kissing a married women on a family show. Netizens are demanding to know what nonsense Sunny is doing in the house. They are asking how can he kiss someone's mother and terming the act disgusting thing on national television. Sunny is getting trolled badly by the viewers. 

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Check out the tweets:

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