Netizens Troll Nagarjuna For Eliminating Ariyana And Shortlisting Least Popular Contestant In Top 3

20 Dec, 2020 11:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 grand finale is just few hours away. In a few hours, we will get to know who is going to be crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Over the past couple of days, we are hearing reports that Abhijeet is likely to win this season. Netizens and Abijeet fans have predicted his victory. We can’t declare him the winner as of now as the finale hasn’t been shot and the winner hasn’t announced yet. As we earlier reported that Ariyana Glory and Dethadi Harika are evicted from the race.

Looks like show buffs are not happy with Ariyana’s elimination. Yes, what you read is right. Recently, there were reports that Ariyana is believed to have bagged the highest votes than Akhil and Harika in unofficial polls. We have already told you, this season we have seen many unfair elimination as the makers are saving their own favorite contestants. Monal Gajjar was supposed to eliminate in the third week but she got evicted in the fourteenth week.

The buzz on social media suggests that show makers are believed to did unfair elimination even to Ariyana instead of Akhil. One user wrote on Twitter “ It’s fair to accept Ariyana’s elimination but we can’t accept she got least votes than Akhil. Another user said, it’s fake show, how Akhil will be in the top 3. And few other show buffs are demanding answers for making Akhil in the top three and they are saying he is undeserved to be in the top three. We have managed a few tweets for our dear readers, take a look at them:

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