Netizens React To Rahul Vaidya’s Re-entry In The Bigg Boss House

13 Dec, 2020 17:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya who has been a strong contender and fan favorite from the beginning, recently shocked everyone with his decision of quitting the show. The singer said he missed his family and that even though he is mentally strong, he cannot really go without his family. He left the show leaving his fans in confusion.

Rahul’s fans supported him even then and now when he is ready to make a comeback into the Bigg Boss house, his fans are as happy as ever. Earlier Rahul fans were seen trending the hashtag “No Rahul No Bigg Boss” on twitter, demanding the makers to bring him back.

A rare case in big Boss history, Rahul Vaidya is back in the Bigg Boss house. He will make his re-entry with this Sunday’s Weekend ka Vaar episode. In the recent promo, Rahul was seen facing host Salman khan as, Salman questions Rahul over his earlier decisions.

Rahul’s re-entry has sparked a controversy. Netizens have various reactions over this news. While his fans and other Bigg Boss viewers are rejoicing, there are also many who believe that this is unfair to other contestants. 

Here are some of the tweets under the “WE ARE WITH RAHUL VAIDYA” trend on Twitter. 

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