Nagarjuna Likely to Show Exit to This Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5

17 Sep, 2021 08:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most-watched and loved shows on the small screen right now. Currently, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5  has been garnering lukewarm response from viewers, as it is yet to pick pace.

It's been barely two weeks since the show commenced, it would take another couple of days for viewers to get used to the new set of contestants. Many of the viewers are skipping the show due to the timings and the unfamiliar faces in the Bigg Boss house. 

Bigg Boss is a huge platform for any aspiring actor to make his mark on the small screen. Most of them use the opportunity wisely to improve their career. Some of them even misuse the chance. One we are talking about is none other than Singer Sreerama Chandra who is seen saying that he will throw the cash prize of Rs 50 lakh on their face. Sreerama Chandra's arrogant attitude has received a lot of flak on social media.

Netizens are furious over his behavior and debating about the same on social media. Rumors are flying thick and fast in telly circles that Nagarjuna is likely to give an exit pass to Sreerama Chandra this weekend over his arrogance.

There's no disputing the fact that Bigg Boss makers love drama in the house which can bring them TRPs. However, If a contestant defames their show and crosses the line, then the Bigg Boss makers have every right to evict them without any mercy. It would be interesting to see Nagarjuna's reaction to Sreerama Chandra. 

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