Nagarjuna to Evict This Contestant With Least Votes from Bigg Boss House

11 Sep, 2021 15:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Telugu entertainment channel Star Maa recently started the most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu. The show is in its fifth Season. The contestants in the house are going all out to get footage in the crowded Bigg Boss house.

With the nomination announcement from the Bigg Boss last Monday, the arguments in the house started and are continuing even till this day. Contestants like Uma Devi, Lahari Shari, Jaswanth Jessie, RJ Kajal are trying to grab the the attention of the audience with their discussions which has become a major drawback for them.

Jaswanth, however, in the first two days itself got into an argument with Anee Master, but later understood the game and adopted a different strategy to play. Lahari initially started targeting Kajal, gradually as the show progressed, she shifted her focus to Hamida and the other contestants.

RJ Kajal has become an obstacle to every contestant in the Bigg Boss house because she has issues with almost every housemate. She is in the nominations and the audience has started losing interest in her after the captaincy task and yesterday’s episode.

Netizens feel that during the captaincy task,  Kajal intentionally made Vishwa lose the game which Sarayu, Sree Rama Chandra and others did not like. Later, she said that she can’t be in the kitchen team as she does not know how to cook and does not want to clean the kitchen utensils. However, Kajal's Instagram and YouTube Channel have a lot of videos where she is actually seen cooking.

As the audience did not like her behaviour, they are unlikely to save her and are hoping that the show makers eliminate Kajal. 

We have to wait till Sunday to know whether RJ Kajal gets evicted from the house or not. 

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