Meet Vishwak Sen's Favorite Contestant From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

24 Nov, 2021 11:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Young actor Vishwak Sen, a name that needs no introduction, has earned a decent fan following across the globe now. Bigg Boss Telugu is watched by a few Tollywood actors on a regular basis. Vishwak Sen is one of them.

He seems to be enjoying the latest developments taking place in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. 

If you are waiting to know Vishwak Sen's favourite contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu 5, it is none other than VJ Sunny, who is branded as the most entertaining contestant by the viewers.

Now and then, Vishwak Sen is seen supporting VJ Sunny by sharing stories on Instagram. VJ Sunny is touted to be in the top five finalists of this season. 

Back to Vishwak Sen, he was last seen in "Paagal" and the film did decent business at the box office. The film is directed by Naresh Kuppili.

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