Meet The Most Misunderstood Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 House

22 Oct, 2021 07:52 IST|Sharada

With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is getting interesting, thanks to the contestants who have grabbed the attention of the audience with their antics in the house. Recently, we saw that one of the strongest contenders for finalists, Swetha Varma was evicted from the show.

Fans and followers of the show have termed Swetha Varma eviction as unfair because she is one of the strong contestants in the house. Currently, Swetha Varma is busy giving interviews and sharing with them about her journey in the house.

In an exclusive chat with Sakhi Post, Swetha Varma was asked if she was given the opportunity, would she make a re-entry inro the house. She said, "Yes, definitely. I will enter the show if they give me another opportunity. I will make sure to live up to the audience's expectations."

When she was asked to give her opinion about Indian Idol Singer winner Sreerama Chandra. She made a shocking revelation saying that Sreerama Chandra is the most misunderstood contestant in the house. 

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