Manju Pavagada Confirms Fake Relationship With Divya Suresh

22 Jul, 2021 08:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has successfully completed 100 days. As the days pass, relationships in the glass house are changing. And the real face of the contestants are being seen. 

In yesterday's episode, Vaishnavi and Manju had a conversation about their marriage plans. Vaishnavi and Manju say that they won't go for love marriage. And Vaishnavi says she might get married in 2-3 years, whereas Manju says he will most likely get married this year. 

The statement from Manju shocked everyone. It is clear that Manju Pavagada doesn't have any feelings for Divya Suresh. Manju P and Divya S have been close to each other from day one of the show. Netizens thought that they have feelings for each other going by their chemistry and bond in the BBK house. But Manju's talk yesterday with Vaishnavi has put all the rumours surrounding Manju P and Divya S to rest. 

In the pilot episode of second innings, Vaishnavi told Kichcha Sudeep that she is not going to discuss about her marriage inside the glass house as her mother would upset with that. 

Unfortunately, she seems to have forgotten her word and probably in a slip of tongue happened to discuss about her marriage with Manju. Vaishnavi fans are delighted after knowing that she will go for an arranged marriage and are saying that she's the most flawless contestant in the BBK house. 

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