Kathika Deepam Spolier Alert April 23: Why Is Deepa Stubborn?

23 Apr, 2021 12:21 IST|Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Soundarya gets suspicious of Karthik's unusual behavior. Karthik questions Deepa why was being so stubborn with him. Deepa tells Karthik that there are trust issues between them. However, Karthik assures her that he can help her with that but urges Deepa to be happy by forgetting the past. Then Karthik gives Deepa permission to go to Muralikrishna's house. Elsewhere, Muralikrishna feels elated when Bhagyalakshmi says Deepa is attending a ritual.

In the previous episode, Deepa tells Soundarya and Anand Rao that children are being affected by the situation in the home. 

Meanwhile, Mounitha fears that Karthik may know the truth about her injecting the drug into Deepa's body.  Later, Deepa is vexed with Karthik's behavior towards her. The same night, Karthik shares his grief with the family.

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