Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert May 21: Finally, The Truth is Out!

21 May, 2021 10:49 IST|Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa vents out her frustration when Soundarya questions her about leaving the house. Soundarya is shocked after learning that Karthik has told the truth to Deepa about her health. Deepa shares her pain with Soundarya saying she might die without proving herself to Karthik that she is innocent. Meanwhile, Mounitha feels irked after knowing Karthik is taking care of Deepa.

Finally, Karthik gets to know the truth that Deepa is innocent and she did not have any affair with Vihari.

 In yesterday's episode, Bhagyalaxmi advises Muralikrishna not to worry about Deepa's Health. Karthik tells Deepa that she is going to have minor surgery and asks her not to take much stress. On the other hand, Priyamani gets tensed after learning about Mounitha's evil plan. Later, Soundarya visits Deepa's house and fires her for leaving home again. Deepa gets emotional in front of Soundarya.

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