Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode September 15: Mounitha's Confession Video Deleted

15 Sep, 2021 10:35 IST|L Manisha

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Soundarya and Anand Rao feel delighted on seeing Karthik and Deepa with children. Meanwhile, Soundarya worries about Mounitha's vow to return with her baby. Anand Rao advices Soundarya against overthinking about Mounitha. Karthik lashes out at Deepa when she shows soft corner to Mounitha. On the other hand, Ratna Sita executes Mounitha's plan when she visits Karthik. Ratna Sita deletes Mounitha's video from Deepa's phone where she confessed her crime with Anji.

In yesterday's episode, Karthik tells Soundarya and her family about Mounitha's plan and her disguise as Dr. Rina. Karthik tries to prove that he is innocent but fails due to lack of evidence. On the other hand, Deepa warns Mounitha and tries to shoot her. Elsewhere, Mounitha emotionally manipulates Deepa saying that she was willing to surrender to the police. Karthik's lawyer questions Roshini.

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