Karan Kundrra Wishes To Quit Bigg Boss 15

25 Oct, 2021 14:21 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 15's drama appears to be on the rise. Salman Khan reprimanded Karan Kundra for assaulting Pratik Segajpal earlier this week during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. While Salman interrogated Karan about his off-camera actions, the actor sobbed and apologized to Pratik.

Salman Khan gave time to both the contestants to share their side of the story. He was not happy with what happened and made it clear to Karan. In the end, Karan became upset and apologized to Pratik but that was not it.

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Following his conversation with Salman Khan, Karan Kundra had an open heartfelt conversation with Jay Bhanushali, where he again broke down and expressed his desire to leave Bigg Boss 15. Jay tried to make him understand that quitting is not the way to go. Nishant Bhat as well spoke with Karan and asked him not to take such a decision.

Pratik's patience and regard for Karan were praised by Salman Khan. "We were surprised that you did not react," the host stated. It's a good thing you didn't do it, bahut achhi baat hai" (It's a good thing you didn't).

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