Kannada Bigg Boss Viewers All Hearts For Aravind-Divya U Chemistry

7 Apr, 2021 15:36 IST|Sakshi Post

Earlier in Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 house, Divya Suresh and Manju Pavagada grabbed the attention of viewers. Of late, there seems to be a new couple inside the BB house. The equation between Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga is being much talked about. BBK fans are falling in love with this couple whose camaraderie is warm and has an instant connect with the BBK viewers. Netizens say that Aravind and Divya make the most beautiful couple in the house. They say Aravind and Divya U are a 'classy pair' and are highly matured. On the other hand, they feel that Manju and Divya's is a 'massy pair' displaying high emotions.

The couple shot to limelight after the Jodi task. It is known that, come weekends, netizens eagerly await to see the seating arrangements. They want to know where Divya U will sit—either next to Aravind KP or others. BBK fans who have been closely watching the rapport between Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga, feel that the duo who found each other during their Bigg Boss journey, will also finish the journey together. They also say that Aravind and Divya never hid their feelings for each other unlike Manju Pavagada and Divya Suresh.

Viewers, you tell us who do you think makes the best couple in Kannada Bigg Boss house? Where does your vote go? Will it be Manju and Divya S or Aravind and Divya U? Let us know in the comments section below

Some netizens hope that They will be good friends outside the BB. 

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