Hold The Outrage: Kasthuri Shankar to Rajinikanth Fans Who Abused Her

28 Jun, 2021 13:12 IST|Sakshi Post

TV serial actress Kasthuri Shankar always stays active on social media. Now, she has become closer to the audience with her latest serial ‘Gruha Lakshmi’. The serial is topping the charts, thanks to Kasthuri Shankar's performance in the serial. Now, the actress is grabbing the headlines for some other reason. 

It is known that recently, Kollywood Superstar Rajinikanth left to the US for treatment although he hasn’t divulged any infor his health condition. Kasthuri has reportedly asked, “Since last month, there’s no chance for our Indians to travel to America and they have banned us from entering their country. They are not even allowing us for Medical purpose. How was Rajinkanth able to travel to the US? During this crucial time, how Rajikanth went and why did he travel to the US all of a sudden?" 

Rajinikanth also made an unexpected exit from the politics. Now, his sudden departure to US for treatment has raised eyebrows. She’s feeling suspicious and asking Rajinikanth to give some clarity about his health condition”. Here are the few tweets posted by Kasthuri Shankar:

Following her tweet, Rajinikanth fans trolled and abused her on social media to which Kasthuri retored with 'Hold the outrage Read and react on FB..

Here's what she wrote...

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