First Male Contestant To Get Exit Pass From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

30 Sep, 2021 14:54 IST|L Manisha

The weekend is ahead, so do you want to know which contestant will get an exit pass this week? Then check this out. In the last three weeks, only female contestants have been eliminated, so now it is time for male contestant elimination. Yes, as per the voting results, Nataraj Master and Anee Master are in the zone. Netizens are expecting that Natraj Master might be evicted this week. But there is another buzz doing the rounds that Natraj Master and Anee Master have many chances to get red from Bugg Boss Telugu 5 house. 

Because Natraj Master is giving some content to the show, where Anee Master has become silent after Uma Devi's elimination. In the first two weeks, Anee Master's fights and dramas were on high. If you are a close observer of all the Bigg Boss shows, then you will know this small trick by the show makers. They eliminate the contestant who will not give the content and save the controversial contestant. So, contestants also pull up unnecessary fights with other contestants for screen space, but sometimes it goes wrong and they get eliminated first. Anyway, who do you think will get an exit pass for the fourth week's elimination? Let us know your answer in the comments.

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