Dhee 13: Rashmi Gautam Spills The Beans On Sudigali Sudheer

25 Jun, 2021 13:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Is there any need to tell about Rashmi Gautam and Sudigali Sudheer? Obviously, a big No. They enjoy an immense fan following in both the Telugu states. People love to watch their shows and needless to say about how young folks go gaga over their performances in the shows. The chemistry between Rashmi and Sudheer is beyond words. They act with much grace and perfection. Most of the people comment on their relationship but neither Rashmi nor Sudheer admitted it in public. When askeed about their relationship, they said that acting is their profession and don't care about any comments. 

In the recently released promo of 'Dhee 13: Kings Vs Queens', Rashmi said that she has kept a nick name for Sudheer. Generally, people who share a very close bond would call each other with nicknames. So, now with the latest promo, netizens are saying that Rashmi and Sudheer share a very good bond. 

In the promo, Rashmi said that she is going to call Sudheer as 'Sutti'. For this, Sudheer also gave an expression which means ok from his side. In the video, Sudheer and Rashmi performed on the song, 'Em Chandinivi Ra' from the movie, 'Aata'. The full episode is going to telecast on June 30th.

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