Deepthi Fed up of Shannu-Siri Emotional Drama in Bigg Boss House?

8 Dec, 2021 10:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Deepthi Sunaina and Shanmukh Jaswanth are familiar names for the Telugu audience. The duo has an incredible fan following and they have won the hearts of the audience for their acting chops in web series. We all know that the couple has been in a relationship for quite sometime now. 

Now, rumors are doing the rounds that Deepthi Sunaina is likely to break up with Shanmukh after the show. Shanmukh is getting overprotective of Siri and acting all jealous when Siri gets close to someone. 

So a section of the viewers say that Deepthi Sunaina could be hurt after seeing Shanmukh's dramas in the house. There's a buzz on social media that Deepthi Sunaina could maintain a distance from Shanmukh after the show.

However, If you ask us, we don't believe that there is a likelihood of Deepthi-Shanmukh's break-up as the former is seen supporting him via Instagram all the time.

Yes, there was a point when she unfollowed him. But even after all that, Deepthi entered the Bigg Boss house in family reunion episode to cheer for Shannu.

Let's see what happens. We think they are the best jodi right now and should not break up. What are your thoughts, guys? Let us know in the comments. 

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