Contestant Lobo's Anti Bigg Boss 5 Statement Surfaces on Social Media To Haunt Him

6 Sep, 2021 16:02 IST|Sakshi Post

BIGG BOSS Telugu Season 5 Contestant No 6 Mohammed Khayyum or Lobo as he is popularly known has earned the ire of Bigg Boss loyalists and netizens after a video of him making sensational statements against the Bigg Boss Show went viral.

The contestant who is known for his over-the-top hairdo and fashion choices joined the fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu which began on Sunday with a grand four-hour launch event.

Actor Nagarjuna introduced the 19 contestants who will be living together in the Bigg Boss House for the next 100 days.

Getting back to the actual part of the news, an old video of Lobo has surfaced from the past, where he is questioned by an anchor about whether he watched the Bigg Boss Telugu format.

The gentleman in his imitable accent responds stating that he didn’t with a big namaste and that the program was not to his taste.

When she asks that is that why he rejected the offer to enter Bigg Boss ( probably the earlier season),  Lobo says that it was good that he didn't get the offer as he didn’t like the show. This video shared by a Bigg Boss buff has now gone viral on social media, with netizens already trolling him from his hypocritical statement about the show in the beginning and now to joining the Bigg Boss house.

They went on to state that the lure of money can change anyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, right after the launch, the nomination list for the elimination round came out. The probable ones are  Anchor Ravi, Sarayu Suman, RJ Kajal, Hamida, Maanas, and Jaswanth Padala. It is reported that Ravi and Kajal will be saved from nominations as they have a huge fan base.

Whether Lobo features in the list is something we have to wait and see as the tides can turn anytime.

Let us wait and see who will be on the first elimination list…

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