Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Will Lobo Get To Know The True Colors of Contestants

17 Oct, 2021 12:38 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has completed its sixth week and entered into the seventh week. This week's nomination was an interesting task for the contestants and the audience. As we all know, Lobo has been sent to the secret room. Now, the show has become more interesting as the secret room task has begun for the first time this season. Nagarjuna asks all the contestants in the confession room to name the housemate they want eliminated from the house. Most of the contestants nominate Priya and Lobo. So, Nagarjuna fake does fake elimination of Lobo which shocks the contestants.

From the first week, Lobo has always been influenced by other contestants, and Nagarjuna also warned him to play his own game. The contestants who influence Lobo are playing a two-faced game which Lobo is unaware of. Now, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers say that Lobo will now get to know the true colours of the other contestants. It’s a known fact that contestants who are sent to the secret room will get to know the real faces of other contestants and they will get to know which contestants are bitching about him. Anyway, there is a buzz doing the rounds that Sweta Varma has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. Let's see what the Bigg Boss Telugu makers have in store for the secret room tasks.

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