Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Is This Why Jessie Was Saved From Eviction?

13 Sep, 2021 19:32 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is grabbing the headlines, thanks to the contestants in the house who are giving their best to prove themselves. The show has completed its first week and entered its second week. Sarayu was the first contestant to get an exit pass from Bigg Boss glass house. Actually, Sarayu's elimination was shocking to the audience. Everyone thought that Jessie would be the first contestant to get evicted. However, Sarayu got evicted unexpectedly. There is a buzz doing the rounds about Sarayu's elimination. Speculation is rife that Star Maa deliberately eliminated Sarayu instead of Jessie. The makers probably realised in the last minute that Jessie will provide better content to the viewers rather than Sarayu. Netizens also say that Sarayu's crass language and her behavior in t he house may have led to her getting eliminated from the house. 

We know that Jessie's fight and emotional outbursts too are getting Star Maa TRP ratings. His fight with Anee Master and Vishwa may have made the audience assume he would get eliminated. However, after the fight with Anee Master, Jessie became silent and stayed away from controversial fights. He also apologised to her. 

Unfortunately, just when we thought Jessie had planned his game strategy, the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant is again on the nomination list this week. So let us wait and watch to see whether Jessie will again escape from eviction or not. 

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