Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Week 2 Nominated Contestants' Opening Voting Trends

14 Sep, 2021 18:16 IST|Sakshi Post
It’s been a week since Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started and the show makers also completed the second-week nominations on Monday. After watching the promo of yesterday’s episode that Star Maa released, Bigg Boss lovers have been glued to their TV sets just to watch the second-week nomination process. The contestants of the house managed to raise the TRPs of the show with debates, arguments and continuous fights.

As Sakshi Post mentioned earlier, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to split themselves into two groups and put nominations on other team members. In this nomination process, Sweta Varma and Uma Devi overreacted while nominating other teammates. The environment in the house hot up with continuous quarrels among contestants.

The second week nominated contestants include RJ Kajal, Uma Devi, Natraj Master, Anee Master, Lobo, Priyanka and Priya. As per our reports on voting trends, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Priya and Kajal are in lead with a good number of votes while the votes polled for Anee Master, Uma Devi and Natraj Master are less. After the voting trends polled by the BB audience, Natraj Master and Uma Devi are in the danger zone.

As these are just the opening trends, we cannot predict the position of contestants until Friday. Anything can happen in the Bigg Boss house and we do not know how things change. Keep an eye on Sakshi Post for more interesting updates and inside information about the show. 

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