Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Week 2 Contestants Ranking, Who’s in Danger Zone?

14 Sep, 2021 12:09 IST|Sakshi Post

The reality TV show, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is going well. In week 1, it was Sarayu who got eliminated. Her journey was short and ended too soon. Her fans were left disappointed as they wanted to see her do more in the Bigg Boss house.

For Week 2, the nominations are already done. The audience has started voting for their favourite contestant to keep them safe. This time in the nominations, we have RJ Kajal, Uma Devi, Anee Master, Priyanka, Lobo, Priya, and Natraj Master. There is a total of seven contestants nominated this week.

Looking at the ranking, we can see that Lobo is at the top. If it is 100 percent, then Lobo is getting 25 percent votes. On the second position, we have, Priyanka Singh with 22.80 percent votes. There is not much difference between Lobo and Priyanka. The ranking could change at any time. These contestants are safe and are on top of the ranking.

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Next, it is Priya with 18 percent votes, RJ Kajal with 13.79 percent, and Anee Master with 8 percent. In the last places, we have Uma Devi and Natraj Master. Judging by the voting and ranking of these players, the chances of Natraj getting eliminated are really high.

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