Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Viewers Troll Star Maa For Forcing Love Track Between Contestants For TRP

9 Sep, 2021 20:31 IST|L Manisha

As we all said earlier Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 TRP rating has been a bit lower than what Star Maa expected. The reason is understood to be the late show timings and the frequent advertisements due to which, viewers are losing interest in watching the show. 

Now, if you have observed, in every language of the Bigg Boss show, the makers will focus on one particular Jodi who will have good bonding and understanding and they highlight them if the TRP rating dips. 

This has happened in Hindi and Kannada Bigg Boss. If you take another side of this Jodi highlights, the point is sometimes the channel itself creates a romantic angle of even casual talks between contestants and include that in their promo. When you watch the episode, viewers will be shocked to find nothing that matches the promo. The reality will be totally different from what is projected in the promo.

Earlier Star Maa had released two promos from Bigg boss Telugu 5 in which we can saw the show makers highlighting Hamida -Sreerama Chandra and Maanas - Priyanka Singh's casual conversation. However, in the episode last night it turned out there was really nothing. 

Now, netizens are trolling Star Maa for using TRP tricks and asking them not create any love track for the sake of increasing their TRPs.

A section of audience has shown their thumbs down to such Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promos. 

Anyway the first two weeks of the show is usually boring and will take time for things to change in the house. We all know that viewers love fights and dramas more than  romance between contestants. Let's wait and watch what Bigg Boss Telugu makers will plan to bring up their TRP ratings. Do you have any suggestions? Then drop your comments below.

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