Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Sweta Varma Loses Cool Over This Contestant

12 Oct, 2021 15:41 IST|L Manisha

In tonight's promo, we can see contestants having fun after heated nominations. The contestants in the house are divided into groups and are busy with the bitching section. On the other hand, Shannu and Jessie are gossiping about nominations. Shannu gives the statement that Einstein's logic is easier to understand than nomination logic. And he explains to Jessie that if he nominates Sreerama for Jessie's reason, then it is the lamest thing. 

Sweta yells at some of the contestants while speaking with Anee Master. Sweta says that if provoking one contestant and showing their ugly side to the whole world is wrong and it is not a game. Shannu says to Jessie that all the housemates are targeting them that we are in a group. He says that even they are in groups, but they are not recognising. Anyway, netizens say that Sweta is losing her cool over unnecessary reasons, and she overreacting to silly issues. And a few of them are guessing that Sweta is shooting at Shanumukh. Let us wait and see to whom Sweta is pointing out in tonight's episode.

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