Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Sunny Vs Sreerama Chandra

24 Nov, 2021 15:24 IST|L Manisha

VJ Sunny is growing in popularity each day. His fan following has doubled in the past few weeks. Even Sunny's fans and Sreerama Chandra's fans are having a word war on social media about their performance. Anyway, on Instagram, we can see that Sunny is trending among Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers. Sunny is giving his best in the tasks, but sometimes his aggression towards other contestants is affecting his performance. And Sunny brings his personal feelings to the tasks in which they participate as a group. When it comes to Sreerama Chandra's performance, he has become dull and did not perform the last few tasks well, but he got saved every week with the highest voting percentage. 

Sreerama Chandra's chat with Sri Reddy went viral a while ago, and everyone thought it might have affected his strategy. But in a twist, he doubled his popularity after the Sri Reddy issue, and sympathy votes also doubled. Sunny and Sreerama's fans are making sure that their favourite contestants are performing well. However, yesterday's heated argument between Sunny and Sreerama in the nomination round added fuel to the fire. Meanwhile, Sreerama and Sunny are in the race with an equal score. But we should remember one thing: Bigg Boss is only a game, and the contestants in the house fight and get back to their normal mood in real life. Equally, fans should also see it as only a game and not take it to heart.

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