Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Siri Double Standard Video leaked, Watch Here

26 Sep, 2021 14:55 IST|L Manisha

There is a video doing the rounds on social media platforms from yesterday after Siri says something about Jessie to Nagarjuna. From day one of the show, Siri seems to play a double-standard game and she is being trolled by the audience on many issues. In yesterday's episode, Nagarjuna gives the " Shut the door on the face" task to the contestants and asks the housemates to shut the door on the contestants' faces who are not fit to stay in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. Then Siri shuts the door on VJ Sunny face and gives the reason by taking Jessie's name. 

Netizens edited the video where we can see Siri backtalking about Jessie and Shannu. Siri says that Jessie's words are influencing Shannu's game. And a section of the audience says that Siri is being good with Jessie and bitching back of him with other contestants. Anyway, Siri's double standard game has not been exposed yet. Let's wait for it. 

Check out the video:

As it is the weekend, it's elimination time. A few news websites say that Lahari has got an exit pass from Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.

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