Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Ravi Intentionally Targeting Shanmukh, Feel Netizens

6 Nov, 2021 19:14 IST|Vyshnavi

Everyone in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 house is in the midst of celebrating Diwali festival except one person. Who do you think that would be and any guesses why? This article will answer all your questions. 

After Anee Master became the captain, Siri was unhappy as Shannu targeted her and eliminated her from the captaincy task. Even Sunny was a little disappointed after Maanas threw balls at him. However, after the task, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to celebrate Diwali by sending them flowers. 

All the contestants were decorating the house with flowers and were enjoying the festival vibes. However, Ravi had a discussion with the housemates about choosing the worst performer. As Ravi got an influencer tag, he is constantly proving that he is manipulating the housemates by influencing them and giving advice to the contestants about choosing the worst performer or nominating people. 

In the most recent episode, Ravi was seen telling that Shannu is the worst performer. While the housemates were perplexed as to how Shannu became the worst performer, Ravi explained that not only does shouting like Sunny make someone a bad performer, but someone who participates actively in the discussions, like Shannu, will also become the worst performer.

After this conversation, Bigg Boss viewers feel that Ravi is intentionally targetting Shanmukh and is planning to make him the worst performer of the week. Will Ravi's manipulation work and whether Shannu will be sent to jail or not is to be known yet. 

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