Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Here’s Why Nagarjuna Cancelled VJ Sunny’s Captaincy

23 Oct, 2021 16:36 IST|Vyshnavi

The Star Maa makers have released the promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 weekend episode. As you all know, Saturday will be a correction day. BB host Nagarjuna will be asking the contestants to apologise for their mistakes while lauding those who performed well.

Against this backdrop, Nagarjuna discusses about the allegations that Priya against Sunny while playing the captaincy task. Latest buzz is that Nagarjuna will also touch upon the problem between Siri, Shannu and Jessie and also offers a solution. 

Have a look at the promo

In the promo, we can see that Ravi is questioned for stealing Siri's stickers and later lying to win back Siri’s trust. Later, when Anee master was asked about her performance during the captaincy task, she states that every contestant played the game in groups except her, Ravi and Sreerama Chandra. 

Then, Nagarjuna tells Sunny that he will be cancelling his captaincy as they playe individual tasks in groups. Did Sunny lose his captaincy in jyst a days time? Will Nagarjuna really cancel the captaincy of Sunny is to be watched in the episode.

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