Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants Tease Shanmukh With Hamida

16 Sep, 2021 20:52 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 new promo on Shannu's birthday is out. We can see that the contestants are teasing Shannu and linking him to Hamida. RJ Kajal asks Shannu to give his opinion on Hamida, to which Shannu replies that Hamida is hot. 

Following that confession, Anchor Ravi and other contestants start teasing him and ask Shannu's girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina to keep an eye on Shannu. Hamida asks Shannu to make her girlfriend in the glass house and Deepthi outside. 

Shannu pleads with Ravi to not put him in a spot. It remains to be seen how Deepthi would react to Shannu's comment on Hamida.

After that, Bigg Boss gives a surprise to Shannu by playing a video of Deepthi's birthday wishes. 

Netizens have loved the promo and the way Ravi teased Shannu with Hamida makes the audience blush. Star Maa will definitely get a high TRP rating today. The Star Maa promo is also trending, thanks to Shannu and Deepthi fans who are circulating it. All thanks to the promo editor. The promo is well edited, but we should watch the episode to see whether the show will be really interesting or not. Because most of the time, the episode will not be as interesting as the promo. And this is the first time since the show started that Shannu got more screen space.

It may be recalled that a few fays ago, Deepthi had urged Star Maa to provide some footage to Shannu too as Lobo was stealing all the screen time in Bigg Boss House. Now, it appears that the Bigg Boss show makers have considered her request as they have dedicated an entire promo in honour of Shanmukh Jaswanth's birthday. 

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