Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Says He Will Throw 50 Lakhs Cash Prize Money

16 Sep, 2021 09:57 IST|Sakshi Post

One popular and controversial reality show which is making the news for a long time now is none other than our favorite show, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

As Nagarjuna promised in the pilot episode, Bigg Boss makers are planning to give five-times more entertainment than the previous seasons through the show to the viewers.

Bigg Boss makers are entertaining the viewers by assigning interesting tasks to the contestants. Now, one of the contestants was seen showing his arrogance by making derogatory remarks. Wondering who that is? He's none other than Sree Rama Chandra.

Those who watched the show yesterday know that he had an altercation with Anchor Ravi.

During a break, Anchor Ravi tried to sort out his differences with Sreerama Chandra. However, the latter seemed little interested in talking to him. It appears Chandu sees Anchor Ravi as a big competitor.

Chandra lashes out at him by saying, "You can play a safe game in the house, but don't play mind games with me." Singer Sreerama Chandra also stated that I chose this platform to get closer to the audience and not to win the game. Even If I get Rs 50 lakhs I will throw it at your face. Sreerama Chandra asked Ravi to stay away from him. Sreerama Chandra speaking about throwing away the cash prize has not gone down well with the viewers. 

Netizens are trolling him badly on social media, especially Anchor Ravi fans. Let's wait and see what happens next. 

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