Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Lahari Shari Hugs Housemate, Video Viral

17 Sep, 2021 11:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu contestant Lahari Shari seems to be playing a safe game in the house. During the first week, Lahari Shari had a clash with the housemates. Lahari seems to have understood the strategy of the show and changed her game accordingly. She is maintaining healthy relationship with everyone so as to not get nominated fellow contestant. 

That way, Lahari can survive in the house for a long time. Now, the latest we hear is that Lahari Shari hugged Manaas in the Bigg Boss house. As per a leaked clip which has gone viral, Maanas is seen cleaning the utensils  in the kitchen area around midnight. Lahari goes to talk to him. Manaaa is seen saying 'Black is my favorite color'. The two are spotted talking to each other in the kitchen area. 

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Sreerama, Siri, Priya are watching them from their own beds. Maanas gives Shari a hint that everybody is staring at them. Lahari says, I come here whenever I want to relax not because of you. Sreerama, who is watching from afar, tries to eavesdrop. Lahari, who realises what Sreerama is doing, heads towards her bed. Lahari asks Maanas to walk with her her till bed.

 While Manaas is returning after dropping her, Lahari is seen hugging Manaas, they both exchange hugs. We don't know why Lahari did, it could be her game plan or perhaps to make some contestant jealous in the house. If not, it could be Bigg Boss stragtey to grab TRPs. 

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