Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant in Danger Zone Over Double Standards?

12 Sep, 2021 15:15 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has completed its first week and entered its second week. Bigg Boss Telugu is the most popular Telugu reality show on the small screen. It is keeping the audience glued to their televisions, and the contestants are also entertaining the viewers. The TRP ratings of the show are also rising day by day. It is known that in yesterday's episode, Nagarjuna questioned RJ Kajal about her lies that she didn't know how to cook. Nagarjuna said that Bigg Boss Telugu makers checked her Instagram page after her statement that she didn't know anything about cooking with Sreerama Chandra. 

RJ Kajal tried to explain it to Nagarjuna, but her true colors came out through her lies. Anyway, after Nagarjuna proved that RJ Kajal lied about her cooking, Sreerama Chandra's reaction was epic, which was liked by the audience. The viewers say that RJ Kajal is playing a double standard game and acting like she is innocent. However, from day one, contestants were very clear about Kajal's game strategy.  But after yesterday's episode, we can say that Kajal has lost her popularity, which she gained for six days. Let's wait and watch if RJ Kajal will play her game without any double standards.

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