Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant Ariyana Glory's Reaction To Avinash’s Engagement

2 Sep, 2021 10:50 IST|Sakshi Post

Ariyana Glory and Jabardasth Avinash met on the sets of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. They both were seen as participants in the show last season. The duo used to be close friends in the house and everyone would think that they were in a relationship.

The two contestants earned huge name and fame through Bigg Boss Telugu. They have even promoted a couple of shows by appearing as a Jodi. 

Mukku Avinash surprised everyone by getting engaged to Anuja and there were talks that the latter may be his relative. But it later emerged that she was his college friend in Warangal. Mukku Avinash shared his engagement pictures with his fans and followers on social media. The picture has gone viral on social media platforms. Some of them appeared to be worrying about Ariyana Glory. 

News does travel fast and Ariyana’s reaction to Avinash’s new phase of life has caught everyone's attention. "I’m very much happy and delighted that he got engaged. He is one of my dearest friend and there’s nothing  between us. People would consider something else, but we are just friends," Ariyana stated.

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In case you missed Avinash’s engagement pictures. Take a look at them:

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