Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Priyanka's Brother Pens Heartfelt Note, Deets Inside

26 Oct, 2021 13:57 IST|Vyshnavi

Does the name Priyanka Deshpande need any introduction? Obviously, a big No. After her entry into the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5, Priyanka has created her own mark with her humour and non-stop entertainment for the audience. She has been playing the game in a fair manner and has won the hearts of many fans. 

However, it seems like her groupism concept has bombed, which has pushed her into nominations last week. Now, in the current week too she has been nominated for elimination. Even Bigg Boss Tamil 5 host Kamal Haasan questioned Priyanka on her teaming up with Abishek and Niroop last weekend. But, we can't deny the fact that Priyanka earned the highest number of votes from the audience in the previous week, saving her from nominations.

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Priyanka's brother, Rohit Deshpande, felt that everyone was spreading hatred against his sister and took the issue to social media. 

"Why so much hatred towards Priyanka? This is a game and I know Priyanka will never let the audience down watching the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 show. She is proud to have real fans and I wanted you to watch the show and enjoy. I know her gameplay missed the strategy, but I am sure that she will go through it and correct her mistakes over time," he wrote. 

After posting this story on Instagram, Rohit received an overwhelming response from Priyanka's fans, which made this post go viral over the internet. 

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