Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Nominated Contestants For 12th Week

21 Dec, 2021 12:28 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has finished its 11th week and is about to begin its 12th week, which promises to provide a good dose of entertainment. For the unversed Abhinay Vaddi got a red card last week, and his elimination shocked contestants and viewers alike. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is getting good TRP rating because the contestants in the house are giving good content which is holding the attention of the audience. In yesterday's episode, Priyanka and Niroop got into an ugly fight as Niroop gave back to Priyanka for interfering in his issues. Earlier Vijay TV released a promo from tonight's episode which is hinting at a possible family reunion. 

Anyway, the nomination task has not started yet. But the social media buzz says that Ciby, Niroop, Pavani, Priyanka, Akshara, and Varun are the contestants have been nominated for the 12th elimination. Netizens predict that Akshara might get a red card this week while Niroop and Priyanka's fans will work hard to keep them on top. However, Niroop's words to Priyanka in yesterday's episode might have affected Priyanka's voting percentage because most viewers support Niroop. They say that Niroop is correct about Priyanka's attitude and gameplay. Let us wait and watch who would be shown the door by Bigg Boss Tamil 5 host Kamal Haasan this week. 

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