Bigg Boss Makers More Focused On This Confirmed Contestant Than Anchor Ravi or Shanmukh Jaswanth

30 Aug, 2021 12:07 IST|Sakshi Post

All you Bigg Boss addicts out there must be hearing the names of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 contestants. As the show premiere date is fast approaching, the excitement surrounding Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has reached its peak. Telugu Bigg Boss viewers are curious to know about the contestants and theme of the upcoming season.

So far, there's no official confirmation about the theme of the new season. We have learnt from our trusted sources that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 makers have some interesting things lined up for the viewers in the upcoming season. Right from tasks to contestants, everything has been kept under wraps by the show makers, Star Maa. The latest we hear is that contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are under quarantine. Star Maa will soon move the contestants to the house on Friday.

If you joined in late to the story and wondering if  there's a probable list of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants, then you have landed on the right page. For, we will now reveal the names of contestants who have been confirmed for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

Anchor Ravi





Anee Master

Natraj Master

VJ Sunny

Lahari Shari

RJ Kajal

Siri Hanumanth

These contestants and a few others in the backup list are all set to appear in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. If you look at the contestants' list, Anchor Ravi and Shanmukh are the only popular celebrities of the upcoming season. However, looks like Bigg Boss makers have started promoting their favorite contestants through star maa shows.

Yes, what you read is right. Have you heard the name of VJ Sunny? Most of them may not know. Perhaps, that's why Bigg Boss makers seems to have turned their focus towards him and promoting him through Sunday special shows on Star Maa.  It is known VJ Sunny is a confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

Currently, he is under quarantine at a five star hotel in Hyderabad. Yesterday, VJ Sunny, a confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, participated in a show on Star Music which was hosted by a popular TV Anchor. It appears the Bigg Boss makers are more focused on VJ Sunny than Anchor Ravi or Shanmukh Jaswanth. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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