Bigg Boss Kannada Contestants Confirm Winner, Runner Up Before Sudeep

26 Jul, 2021 16:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has become talk of the town for a long time now. The show's grand finale is expected to take place in the second week of August. In a recent episode, Bigg Boss asked contestants to name contestants who they think are eligible to be among the top five finalists. Most of the housemates voted for Aravind KP and Manju Pavagada, as they are the strongest contestants.

Aravind and Manju got a majority of votes from the housemates. If we go by Bigg Boss housemates, they seem to have declared the winner and runner-up of Bigg Boss Kannada season by themselves.

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There's a possibility for Aravind and Manju to end up as winner and runner up of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. The show makers will also select the five finalists based on the voting by viewers as housemates. After yesterday's Super Sunday with Sudeep, Bigg Boss contestants seem to have chosen Aravind and Manju as winner of the show even before host Sudeep.

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Talking about tonight's episode, the show makers are likely to skip the nomination process this week, as they are planning for mid-week eviction. The nomination process could take on Wednesday or Thursday. We will surely keep you posted on the official nomination day of Bigg Boss Kannada's second innings.

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