Vaishnavi Fans Disappointed After BBK Contestants Omit Her From Finalists

26 Jul, 2021 15:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 contestant Vaishnavi Gowda was a familiar face on the Kannada small screen thanks to her role in the popular TV serial Agnisakshi. Now, her popularity has soared, thanks to her Bigg Boss stint. We told you earlier too that Vaishnavi is the most non-controversial contestant with zero haters. She earned a huge following because of her individuality in the house. Everyone expected that Vaishnavi would be in the top 5, finale list, but when Kichcha Sudeep asked contestants to name their housemates who would be among the top 2. Most contestants voted for Aravind KP and Manju P for the Top 2. Strangely enough, not one contestant voted Vaishnavi in the top 2.

Vaishnavi fans are utterly disappointed and are asking her to be strong. Vaishnavi's fans say that if contestants are not supporting her, they will support her and make sure that she reaches the finale episode. In the first week of the second innings, Vaishnavi bounced back with full swing, but after that, she has remained aloof, as per show buffs. We can say that she is trying hard to win the tasks, but luck is not in her favor. 

In the first innings, the only drawback was that she used to hang out with Divya U and Divya S and lost focus on the game. But in the second innings, she did not do that, and totally focused on the game. Earlier, BBK viewers asked Colors Kannada to make Vaishnavi the captain of the BBK house for this week. BBK viewers want to see how Vaishnavi will handle captaincy which Divya U and Divya S failed.

What do you think dear readers? Does  Vaishnavi deserve to be among the top 2? Let us know your comments.

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