Meet the Top 2 Contestants in Kannada Bigg Boss 8

26 Jul, 2021 12:35 IST|Sakshi Post

The most awaited finale episode of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is soon going to take place sometime in August. BBK viewers are quite excited and can't wait to know which contestant will lift the trophy of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. In yesterday's episode, Kichcha Sudeep asked contestants to vote for housemates who they think should be in the grand finale. A majority of the contestants chose Manju Pavagada and Aravind KP. From the mid-season of the show, BBK viewers have put their money on Aravind KP to bag the trophy. 

But there is confusion about who will be runner-up. Would be it Vaishnavi Gowda or Divya U? Unfortunately for the fans of Divya U and Vaishnavi, both did not figure in the favourites of contestants. Manju P seems to have reached the top after giving stiff competition to Vaishnavi and Divya U with his performance over the last two weeks. This came as a surprise as Vaishnavi and Divya U have been the popular choices of both the audience and housemates since day 1 of the house.

So it came as a shock when none of the contestants nominated them to be among the top 2. Contestants in the BBK house also agreed that Manju had the capability of bagging a trophy or being the runner-up. Anyway, in the first innings, everyone thought Manju Pavagada would get evicted soon as his performance was below average. He would grab the headlines in the first few weeks after his love confession.

But in the second innings, he entered the show with renewed zeal and set his eyes on the trophy alone while letting go of his relationship status with Divya Suresh. Now, it looks like his strategy has paid off as almost all the contestants chose him and Aravind to be the top 2 this season. BBK viewers too believe that Manju Pavagada and Aravind KP will be in the top two places in the Grand finale of Bigg Boss Season 8.

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