BBK8: Divya Suresh's Unbiased Captaincy Impresses Housemates

21 Jul, 2021 15:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 second innings has reached its fourth week and Divya Suresh is ruling the house this week. Earlier, after Divya Suresh was declared as captain, everyone was waiting to see if she can be an impartial captain because when Divya U became the captain, consciously or unconsciously, she made the mistake of showing favouritism to Aravind KP. Even Sudeep reprimanded her on that during the weekend episode. In the same vein, BBK viewers expected that Divya S would give importance to Manju P because he is close to her from the first innings. 

But in tonight's episode, when Bigg Boss assigns tasks to the contestants, Manju and Divya Suresh get into a clash and argue with each other. As a captain, Divya S is expected to select the contestants for the task. Prashanth asks her to be fair in her selection and exudes confidence that he will do so. However, Manju says that he wants to play at any cost. Divya Suresh, who hears this, is seen telling Manju in a firm way to either play or leave. This leaves all the housemates impressed with her. 

Anyway, viewers say Divya S and Manju P did not have a good equation from day one of the second innings after they promised Sudeep to Play their individual game. Let us wait and watch how Divya S will handle the situation and give her judgment. 

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