3 Weeks 9 Members, BBK8 Final Nominations Begin

19 Jul, 2021 20:15 IST|Sakshi Post

It's Monday and marks the arrival of yet another new week. It also means nomination time for BBK8 contestants. In a  latest prono released by Colors Kannada, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate each other directly stating the reason why the contestant doesnt deserve to be in the house.

 In the promo, Shamanth nominates Divya U, Manju nominates Vaishnavi, Vaishnavi nominates Manju and says that he gets become too aggressive even in simple tasks. Prashanth S nominates Shubha Poonja and says that she is the weakest contestant in the house. Divya U nominates Prashanth S. As we know, Chandrachud was nominated by Priyanka T after getting eliminated from the BBK house. 

By this, we can say that everyone in the house gets nominated except Divya Suresh because she is the captain for this week. Anyway, Bigg Boss mentions that three weeks and nine contestants more for the finale episode. So it's clear that BBK makers are going to plan double elimination this week or next week. Netizens are waiting to watch tonight's episode and want to know who Aravind KP nominated.

 It looks like this week's elimination is going to be an interesting one like never seen before. Let us wait and watch what happens in tonight's episode. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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