Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Contestants Final Vote Count

23 Jan, 2023 10:23 IST|Sakshi Post
Final vote percentage of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil contestants

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil ended after a grand finale in which BB6 host Kamal Haasan declared Azeem the winner.

While a section of the audience is happy with Azeem winning the show, a few others feel he did not deserve to win as there were other contestants in the BB6 house who deserved to win the trophy. A few even trolled Vijay TV and questioned the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 makers on what basis the winner was decided.

It is known that a contestant with the highest number of votes will win the show. We did some digging in to find out the number of votes the BB6 finalists got from the audience before the grand finale. Here's what we found.

It is known that Azeem, Vikraman and Shivin were the top 3 contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 6. As per social media buzz, here's how many votes they won in the final polls.

Azeem: 36.02 crore votes
Vikraman: 35.98 crore votes
Shivin: 28.09 crore votes

Now, I guess BB Tamil viewers can rest assured that Azeem was not the channel's favourite but won the show on his own merit by securing highest votes.

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