Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Day 10 Higlights: Contestants On Task Mode

16 Sep, 2021 12:02 IST|Sakshi Post

Hello viewers, here's the day 10 review of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. In yesterday’s episode, the contestants were given stretching task. In this game, all the team members had to stretch their legs in a line and the team which had more width would become winners. However, in the purple team there are only 7 members as Siri was the Sanchalak of this task. 

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Later, the contestants fought among themselves to keep their pillows safe. Then, slide task was given in which all the team members had to slide from one end to the other. The team which completed first would be the winner. Purple team won the task. Then Bigg Boss ordered the contestants to stop the task and count the pillows. Which team will win the captaincy task is to be watched today. Do follow Sakshi Post for quick updates about the show.

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