Bigg Boss 15: Netizens Reaction To Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya’s Elimination

19 Oct, 2021 10:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Two ladies from the Bigg Boss 15 house were eliminated in the shocking mid-week sudden eviction. These two were Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht. It came as a shock to both the audience and the rest of the housemates, but it was a choice made by them.

Looking at the behavior of all the contestants especially the gharwasi, Bigg Boss decided to punish them all. Bigg Boss threw everyone from the main house to the jungle making everyone a junglewasi now. The second punishment was nominations and finally, the last one was elimination. The contestants were asked to give two names that contributed the least in the house.

Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya were chosen and got the most votes. They were eliminated from the BB15. This decision has shocked the contestants but it has also left the viewers in rage. Many have said that other contestants in the house have done nothing but they still get to stay there. At least Donal and Vidhi were doing something.

Netizens shared their disappointment on social media and shared that it was an unfair elimination. Check out the tweets here:

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