Bigg Boss 15: Fans Slam Jay Bhanushali For Repeatedly Abusing Pratik Sehajpal

13 Oct, 2021 13:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Fights and arguments in Bigg Boss house are nothing new, but in Bigg Boss 15 it seems to be getting out of hand. Two contestants Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal are getting into fights often now. In the latest episode, they once again started shouting at each other.

During one of the tasks, a fight broke out between Pratik and Jay. What irked the fans was that Jay once again used the ‘maa ki gaali’ on Pratik, while the latter already made it clear that he will bear anything but not this. They almost got physical once again. Bigg Boss fans have pointed out that both are at fault this time.

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It was Pratik who went and poked Jay which led to shouting and fighting but no matter how angry, Jay should have controlled and refrained from saying anything bad about Pratik’s mother.

BB15 viewers are not very happy with how Jay has been behaving. He justified ‘swearing’ and said, “harr season me gaali di jaati hai” (swearing/cursing happens in every season). Many are not able to see the logic behind this attitude and slammed Jay on social media for constantly using such derogatory words.

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