Bigg Boss 15 Double Elimination Again? Which 2 Contestants Will Get Evicted?

24 Oct, 2021 12:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Today is Sunday and that means Weekend ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 15. The nominations for Bigg Boss 15 this week took place a while ago, however, it appears that there were some adjustments after the recent task. Ieshaan Sehgal, Simba Nagpal, Afsana Khan, Umar Riaz, Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian, and Miesha Iyer were the first nominees for the week. There have been a few changes since then.

After the recent task on Bigg Boss, some of the nominations changed and there have been new contestants on the list now. Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian, Umar Riaz, Ieshaan Sehgaal, Simba Nagpal and Miesha Iyer are in the nominations now.

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Many are guessing that there might not be any elimination today and the reason behind it is that the contestant that makers want to keep in the house might have gotten fewer votes. But also many are suggesting that there will be double elimination today and that two players will be going home. Some took the name of Ieshaan Sehgaal and Simba Nagpal.

Let's wait for the Weekend ka Vaar episode on Bigg Boss 15 tonight to see what happens.

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