Bigg Boss 14: Armaan Malik Roots For Rahul Vaidya’s Win

13 Feb, 2021 11:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Singer Armaan Malik rooted for Rahul Vaidya’s win in Bigg Boss 14. Speaking about the same, Armaan posted on Twitter and wished Rahul, all the best. Along with Rahul Vaidya’s fans, Armaan Malik has become the newest entry to cheer for Rahul.

It happened on Friday evening when the singer was hosting “Fridays with Armaan” talk on Twitter. Fans were free to ask questions to the singer. Among these questions, one Bigg Boss and Rahul Vaidya fan asked Armaan if he could write something in support for Rahul.

“#FridaysWithArmaan, Can you write one line in support of your friend RAHUL VAIDYA WHO IS IN BB HOUSE?” wrote one fan. Armaan positively replied to the question and quoted it with “I wish Rahul Vaidya all the best and hope he wins.”

Fans became happy with this reply and thanked the singer for his support towards Rahul Vaidya. Apart from that, the fans have also been busy supporting their favorite contestant. “ACE IT LIKE RKV” and “RAHUL VAIDYA FOR THE WIN” are some of the tags that have been trending on twitter for a long time.

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It is good time for Rahul Vaidya as his fiancée Disha Parmar will also be entering Bigg Boss house. In a confirmed report, it was said that Disha Parmar will be entering Bigg Boss house. She is coming to support Rahul Vaidya. It is a surprise for Rahul as he doesn't know about Disha's entry.

This is happy news not just for Rahul but for his fans as well. As we all know Disha and Rahul are planning to get married real soon. Even the parents have blessed the couple. Fans of the couple were waiting for a reunion and Disha's entry right before the finale has made the reunion even more special.

It will be interesting to see what happens when these two finally meet each other after a long time.

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